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Reikigong Students Comments

        (EC) Background – level 1 & 2 Healing Touch, yoga, Pranic Healing level I, Intuitive Mind I, II, III  - During - enjoyed meeting other students, blending our energies; Reiki I, II reinforced what I had, Reiki III was even more opening of the heart energy and a confirmation of my path. A VERY MOVING EXPERIENCE. Immediately After – Revitalized, muscle soreness from QiGong was significantly less; I felt Ihad accomplished another step in wholeness and empowerment.  Overall – I have continued to do the QiGong exercises at least every other day, building in repetition – I like the flow and vitality it allows. Recommend to Others?  YES! You were a wonderful instructor.  Thanks for all you do and share. [after III attunement, E cried and felt very humbled by the experience. She and her guide greeted each other and she saw the two hands positioned as flat and meeting]
        (KA) Background – LPN, Animal Communicator, some reflexology – learning Quantum Touch and Re-connective Energy techniques independent study.  During – Felt the opening of an artery in my chest, saw swirling colors, warmth, tingling in my legs; fingers jerked, energy surged through hip and leg. Immediately After  - Felt at peace, very little pain, energized. Overall – I learned SO much – had some affirmations on what I had been getting from spirit. Learning to trust myself more. Recommend to Others?  In a heartbeat!  It was one the most moving experiences of my life!  JoyRae, you are the most amazing, wonderful, loving & talented person I have ever had the priveledge of knowing. I am honored and humbled to know you!  [during III attunement – KA saw purple, felt anger releasing, pain fading ]
        (TC) – felt a lot of body movement, saw a huge cobra head in front of me, saw her chakras, saw her guide
        (LS) – Background – many years of reading and study; During – felt very relaxed, saw colors during healing, felt tired, or should I say – very, very relaxed; Immediately After – I feel good – lighter; Overall – I believe in the healing energies and will continue to practice and see what happens; Recommend to Others? – Yes
        (B_) – Saw colors and felt energy move, like it hadn’t in a long time, felt a tingle in my chakras – saw them bright and spinning; saw my “faceless”guide, with what seemed like long braided hair around “her” head like a halo. The colors changed and vibrated as I opened up. How exciting! A new shift.
        (MO) – Background – I have attended a few meditation classes with Reiki session and also a Reiki circle with somewhat experienced people; and I watched a couple of video tapes of Reiki as healing. During – There was nothing dramatic as some people describe, but I certainly felt my had very warm while I lay my hands on somebody or even on myself. Immediately After – I became more conscious of deep breathing. Overall – I also became more aware of overall healthy mind and life as a whole.  Recommend to Others?  - Yes [P.S. Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I am sorry that I could not respond right away because I went camping with my family for several days right after the workshop. It was a very good opportunity to try that QiGong session in the woods every morning. I also tried Reiki on my husband after playing golf and feeling achy all over.  I am interested in taking the 3rd level sometime, but at the moment, I think I need more time to practice. Thank you for considering of giving me a private session, though.  Please let me know when you have enough people for the same level after August.
        (KM) – Background - Reiki I, II, III, yoga, prana energy. During – lots of energy going during QiGong exercises and during the attunements and remote healing – energy flowing through the knees.  Immediately After – Tired and replenished with energy at the same time. Feels like the body has to get used to more energy created by QiGong exercises. Overall – Learned a lot about QiGong and how to interact it into reiki and energy healing practices. Recommend to Others?  Definitely!
        (LR) Background – I can think of two instances when my daughter had a head injury and her CT scan shows a severe concussion. I placed my hands on her and asked for healing energy. Within 6 hours, her CT scan was 100% clear. Also when my great aunt was close to death and said that I needed to come see her because she couldn’t hang on much longer. I went to see her, touched her and asked for healing energy for her. She immediately improved and was moved to a nursing home where she stayed for another 3 weeks before passing.
        (LL) – Background – have studied metaphysics and natural healing independently since age 15. Have studied yoga, tai chi, meditation, am in a medicine circle studying Native American healing techniques. During – during the activation, experienced a feeling of heat, and magnetic sensation at various points in my body, especially the heart chakra, a sense of blocked energy being shifted!  Immediately After – Completely physically drained. Also very emotional, cried a lot. Overall – Intend for using both as part of the massage practice that I intend on establishing in Ireland - the QiGong, in particular. I feel immediate benefits from just these past 2 days in that my breathing already feels deeper and my whole system has been oxygenated in a way which I’m sure ihas not for years. The Reiki I feel is something that I will need to practice more with before I can truly have the confidence to know it is working through me.
        (LG) This was an awesome experience. The release was a long time coming. I feel so privileged to learn from you. So glad you came into my life.
        (SA) This was great!  The QiGong is the tool I needed for my Reiki healings.
        (AG) So much love being given out – such a warm nurturing experience. Loved the hard work exercise of the QiGong combined with the Reiki. Felt the attunements really opened me up more that I’d been previously. Thank you!
        (NM) This was my 2nd time taking the class and it was very intense and I have shifted internally to a different space – the energy was incredible and JoyRae is an excellent teacher and role model for healing.
        (PH) Too much to write about here. But yes, it was very growing and opening and learning. And we did become a “class” with class!! Wonderful energy! Great Exchanges and good solid love vibrations. Well Done! Healing is happening and you’re helping it happen more and more, wider and wider around the world!
        (MM)  JoyRae – again I only move forward with good intent and love for all human beings here now and those past. Your class reminded me that I am loved. Love, M
        (DJ) Background – Kundalini,joga, acupressure  During – lightness, clarity, a full feeling; overall, positive experience. Immediately After – Grounded, energized, no worries  Overall – Help with health, energy level, effects of stress, balance energy, centered. Recommend to Others?  Yes
        (BB) Background – Limited awareness actually; not at all For years I’ve found myself drawn to healing and touching people’s lives and assisting in their transformation of spirit. During – A greater and deeper sense of awareness as calmness and the simple realization of how to move back to the source. Immediately After – clear, grounded, aware, back into my consciousness.  Overall – I found and reconnected through other members of the class and Joy – the connection to the divine.  Recommend to Others?  Of course, how could I not!
        (RL) Background – I was aware in general but ot of any specific types or methods of healing.  During – Growth - physically, spiritually, mentally. Immediately After  - Tired, but energized. Overall – I understand that I just need the correct intention. The proper preparedness and then the energy will flow through. Recommend to Others? Yes  J
        (KLM) Background – had received energy healing treatments frequently prior to class. Had experimented in giving short treatments to my practitioner. During – Integration of many levels of my being into a whole. Many new and expansive ideas and understandings became available to me through new and expansive people in attendance. Immediately After – That I am so glad I followed my heart down its path to its new place. Wouldn’t trade these new blessings for anything. Overall – Really enjoyed that the focus was on the experiential aspects of Reiki and QiGong. By making it part of my body first, I can now head into the intellectual aspects with my heart wide open. Recommend to Others? Absolutely
        (KS) Background – Extensive reading and involvement in workshops, groups, etc. of other modalities and teachers; & interests – especially metaphysical based. A lof of my mentorship has come from Doreen Virtue books, audio recordings. Awareness of healing energy when I paint or create art.  During – I experienced a lot of emotional clearing, de-toxing and blockage clearing; I felt an incremental and gradual rise of “old stuff” to be cleared.  Immediately After – I felt more quiet and a little relieved. I felt “safer”.  Overall – I feel as if everything I’ve done to this point has prepared me for a powerful clearing. I feel “cleaner” Recommend to Others?  YES !
        (AL) – Background – I have used colors to heal, but not consistently and not a lot of energy was behind it.  During – Felt like there was an unlimited and all knowing source behind and through me now. Immediately After – More relaxed, confident that I will get results through conducting healing spirit.  Overall – I feel like I can start a new chapter – to reinvent my physical existence based more on the truth rather than fears and illusion.  Recommend to Others?  Yes
        (BC ) – Background - Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, medical intuitive, channel, energy worker, shaman. During – I believe the attunements are working with my new guides to prepare me as a more open channel. Immediately After – Relaxed & reassured that I still possess my abilities. Overall – As much as I don’t like breathing exercises, I know they are important to prep the system for energy work.  Recommend to Others?  Yes

SGR ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - therapeutic touch; Felt During Workshop: - lots of energy, heightened awareness, comfort;  Immediately Following: fantastic! With energy! not tired like most workshops!; Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: I'm excited to be able to help others; I'm excited about my daily giving to myself;  Would You Recommend This Workshop To Others?: yes

DR ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - basic qigong, accupressure meridian massage classes; Felt During Workshop: focusing on the energy coming down my head from the heaven & through my hands, I experience my hands tingling and getting hot. I can feel the energy flowing;  Immediately Following: spent; Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: Supporting self better and others - I think I will use the Reiki and the QiGong on a daily basis. I'm super happy that i took the class and will recommend it to others; Would You Recommend This Workshop To Others?: YES!

LW ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - None. massage and Reiki from PH. No personal healing awareness; Felt During Workshop: true physical, emotional, spiritual sensations of healing; Immediately Following: All of my internal organs had been displaced by a fully inflated violet balloon; Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: Gentle, personal and deeply effective intro to both Reiki and QiGong concepts. I learned; Would You Recommend This Workshop To Others?: Yes, with all my heart and voice

More Testimonials

 (TM) - Background - many years of "knowing" yet not knowing where to start. Many self help books since early 1990's, "Play" w/light ball w/my son. My son does energy work since 2 yrs of age. During - vision in R eye, I could zigzag out to approx 2 ft from JoyRae's left side; lots of light, white bands of light, pink light, weak legs, trembly knees. During all of this, I was very relaxed, very confident in my ability.  Immediately After - Expanded vision! Had slight head ache, but went away quick w/fresh air and stretching. Renewed awareness that I AM & CAN do this. Overall - Fulfilled, content and VERY THANKFUL to JoyRae for her wisdom. ready to help and be at service in any way I can. Recommend to Others? - Absolutely!
        (FA) - Background - several months of QiGong classes. During - sisterhood, calming and peaceful experience!  Immediately After - Peaceful but energy drained, went home and took a long, restful nap. Recommend to Others? Yes
        (NC) - Background - Lots of various workshops - have used Tai Chi, yoga and have read many books, Have experienced Reiki, cranio-sacral and others. Reiki Level I training.  During - Colors, peace and a good feeling - some sense of energy flow. During final attunement - huge sense of dark cloud leaving behind me and I was much lighter.  Immediately After - After first day - very tired but peaceful. Happy I did not have to DO anything but go home and relax, spend a quiet evening. I imagine I will be tired this evening also. Overall - I have added desire to actually practice ReiKiGong. I loved the QiGong part of this - knowing how to keep my energy up rather than just putting it out. Recommend to Others? - Yes - but it is extremely intense. I have a lot of spiritual growth and am mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a good place - and this was intense!
        (CF) - Background - massage, positive thinking, wege board, aromatherapy. During - peace, relaxation, joy. Immediately After - Good, at peace. Overall - More relaxed. I know the QiGong will help me by staying more calm and using it to help people in my business. Recommend to Others? Yes.
        (KG) - Background - didn't know too much to start, just the idea of it, & a few stories of it. During - I learned how to breathe properly & now to clear my mind and just focus on transferring energy & being aware of it. Immediately After - I felt more awakened, more clear headed. Also I felt more open to eveything pretty much. Overall - I think this class will help with my physical fitness. Along with my mental allowing me to step back and look at stuff without worry or stress. Recommend to Others?  Yes, I would.
        (JN) - Background - I have always known that I had a background in healing. I got attuned to Reiki I a long time ago and it has been of the best tools in my life. During - I had a very good visual guided meditation. I felt the energy come into my right hand and a lot of energy in and on the crown. Immediately After - I felt body rushes, tingling, a lot of joy, a huge relief and loss of tension and stress. Overall - It was really nice to meet and connect with you, JoyRae. I benefit because of knowing preventative techniques and personal growth, a beneficial tool.  Recommend to Others? - Yes, and I will.
        (CH) - Background - Always felt connected with nature and felt spiritual connection most. Became sober 2002 & began journey to heal self & others. Found a higher power and began nurturing my relationship with it, through prayer & meditation. 3 years ago, felt the need to learn about medicinal herbs, crystal healing and chakra work. Wanted higher level of intuitive thought. Read article in magazine & signed up for workshop. During - During QiGong, a more alive feeling, more energy. During Reiki, a large peacefulness and calm, heightened awareness and confidence, gratitude for this gift. Immediately After - Totally at peace, dizzy, calm, warm, clearer, heart chakra heaviness released. Overall - I was second guessing myself, doubting my ability to do this or be a healer. When my hands were folded in a prayer position, I heard my guide say those are the hands of a healer. When I practiced on the neighbor and myself, I could feel it!  Thank you!  (the neighbor felt a huge release of pain and tension) Recommend to Others?  Yes! In a heart beat!  (NOTE: CH called two hours after the workshop - said a black bump, which had developed on a mole - was completely gone!)

PH ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - Reiki I, II, III 2000, but I feel I got a lot more out of these attunements than the other; Felt During Workshop: as long as I focus on the energy coming down my head from the heaven and through my  hands, I experience my hands tingling and getting hot ~ I can feel the energy flowing; - lots of energy, heightened awareness, comfort;  Immediately Following: spent; Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: I think I will use both the Reiki and the QiGong on a daily basis. I'm super happy that I took the class and will recommend it to others;  Would You Recommend Workshop To Others?: YES!


JC  ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: -  Educational kinesiology, Brain Gym, Touch For Health, Reiki I, II, IIII Felt During Workshop: Increased energy and peace;  Immediately Following: same - increased desire to practice more Reiki and QiGong;  Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: Mental clarity and improved physical being; Would You Recommend Workshop To Others?: Yes

KC ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - Reiki I & II, Yogini since 2011, participated in other healing modalities at women's gatherings.  Fervent student of spiritual and healing practices of the world. Felt During Workshop: lots of grounding and relaxation. I'm very grateful to have received information and an answer to my questions and intentions for what needed healing in my life before the workshop was over;  Immediately Following: Relaxed, grounded, calm and ready to sleep (I struggle with insomnia)  Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: Physical vitality and another healing tool in my tool box! Would You Recommend Workshop To Others?: of course! :)

SM ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - Reiki I & II, basic Theta; Felt During Workshop: Able to ground easier and focus and let the clutter in my mind go. Able to center in myself. During the attunement felt lots of energy and connected with my angels. Felt a ball of light encompass me; lots of visuals;  Immediately Following: sad that it was over cause I love learning and knowledge that can help with natural healing. But good about the knowledge that I learned; Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: I felt more calmness and grounded. Also able to cope with outside stuff better without letting it get to me. Would You Recommend Workshop To Others?: Absolutely

PR ~ Prior Awareness of Energy Healing: - I read books and try new stuff; Felt During Workshop: lots of visuals;  Immediately Following: sore, but full of wonderful tools for my healing self and others; Overall Comments on Benefits of Reikigong Workshop: It opened my beliefs in myself to be a healer; Would You Recommend Workshop To Others?: YES INDEED



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