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The Story of Reikigong

In 1991, JoyRae attended a 6 week intensive QiGong class – conducted by Master Lu, in Santa Monica, CA. Her body experienced an immediate shift in vibration throughout the class and she practiced the QiGong pattern with dedication daily.

There are many, many QiGong patterns. This particular pattern (Medical QiGOng) used in Reikigong - works to regenerate and strengthen the 5 major organs. Although other QiGong modalities/patterns also very much positively affect the wellbeing of those who practice it on a regular basis; this specific combined pattern is unique within the world of QiGong.   

After years of diligent QiGong practice – during a meditation in 1996, JoyRae received an activation of healing energy. Everyone laid on their backs on the carpet - this was a 45 minute meditation “Angelic Connection”. Approximately 20 seconds after the meditation began, JoyRae’s hands began to move into various positions, sometimes “scanning” her body. Then her hands rested in a final position - palms up, elbows on the carpet – and two huge golden eggs appeared in her hands, charged with electricity, shining like gold metal, but also glowing with radiant energy.  She felt the surge of electricity, but it did not alarm her. Initially, JoyRae thought this was simply a way cool meditation.  However, late in 1997 – JoyRae was blessed to facilitate a “spontaneous” healing in a Spokane restaurant and she then realized this was a healing gift, not merely a meditation. 

Later, she became certified as a Reiki Master/Instructor, Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Advanced Quantum Touch Healer and Laser Reiki VII Master.  At the core of ALL healing work with her clients – has been the electromagnetic healing energy received direct from Source.

JoyRae strongly believes that her diligent practice QiGong was a significant factor leading up to receiving the healing activation. 



She also believes that the major medical system fails humanity tragically and that we all MUST take our wellbeing into our hands.  “A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY” is not just a phrase she uses - it is her philosophy.

Although it would not be possible to duplicate her own journey to becoming a healer – for others, she could see how a very unique training using the combination of Reiki and QiGong – could encapsulate her experience and provide a short cut or a “jump start” to becoming a healer - for those who are ready to become a more proactive force in their own wellbeing and in the lives of their loved ones and communities. 

Reiki and QiGong both contain the word ki/Qi – kee or chee, which are the same word - and mean life energy. In 2000, JoyRae began offering the Reikigong workshops which provide a condensed introduction to the cultivation and use of life force energy.  

By practicing QiGong, the use of Reiki is upgraded to a higher vibration.  By using reiki, the benefits of Qi Gong are also elevated.  It's an exponential factor in both modalities.  

By practicing Qi Gong and using Reiki (on self and/or others) the end result is that the individual is receiving and giving ongoing rebuilding, regeneration and healing of vital organs, blood stream cleansing, strengthening of immunities, rebuilding of structure, increased mental clarity, increased physical vitality, increased emotional balance, elimination of stress and fatigue. The practice of QiGong creates a stronger and more clear conduit for the circulation and delivery of healing energy.