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Reikigong I, II and III Guidelines

SCHEDULE:  10 AM to 4 PM
The Rei-Ki-Gong classes are very intense as we fill the agenda with a lot of energetic activity. It is recommended that you follow these guidelines for maximum benefit:
• Get good rest the night before the first day
• Eat breakfast no later than 8 AM on each day of the workshops
• Dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing
• Dress in layers – weather permitting, we will be outdoors for part of the workshop
• Please don’t plan anything physically or emotionally demanding for either evening after the workshops. Try to plan a nice relaxing evening at home or some gentle social event if anything. You may not feel like doing ANYTHING but taking a nice bath and going to bed early. You may want to get some bulk seasalt for that bath.

• A diverse group of classmates
• An increase in your vitality, a reduction of stress, an improvement in clarity and balance
• Lunch, water and tea are provided

If you have food allergies, please make a note of that when you register.  The lunch will NOT include meat, dairy, pasta or other pasty foods, products high in sugar or gluten ingredients


• Introductions/or review
• Day’s Overview
• Qi-Gong
• Lunch Break  (this is a gime when you will be able to check in with family or other briefly.  The lunch time is part of the event and often
   includes workshop content.

• Reiki Basics
• Meditation
• Attunements
• Reiki Treatments
• Closing

• A water bottle
• A teddy bear or other soft stuffed object/animal
• A journal if you wish – for documenting your own personal experience in the workshop
• A list of people or issues needing healing
• Healthy snacks only if you wish (for yourself) - PLEASE DO NOT BRING CANDY or other junk food

The book "Essential Reiki" by Diane Stein, recommended reading – not required  

Guidelines & Registration Form


Pay Online

or by snail MAIL   Only by arrangement depending on scheduling; otherwise, use web site.


Recommended Reading

The book "Essential Reiki" by Diane Stein, recommended reading – not required




Friday evening through Sunday afternoon

  • Daytime agenda same as workshop
  • Friday and Saturday nights - ceremonies, celebrations, healing
  • Meals include breakfast Saturday and Sunday, lunch both days, dinner Saturday
  • Friday evening begins at 6 PM, arrive after your dinner.


For 1 student - the workshop is scheduled for one day.

For 2 students - the workshop is one or two days

Family workshops are available - the schedule is customized.