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A Whole Family Staying Whole!

Over the years, I've noticed that many conscious moms have taken the Reikigong workshop. What a wonderful gift for themselves and their families.

I've noticed how many of the children come here with an existing consciousness, without the 'veil' of separation from the higher dimensions. Earlier decades brought the Indigo children, then Crystal, Starseeds, Blue Ray, Rainbow.  They are ready - they KNOW things, they see things, experience things that average children do not.

One young mom requested that her 7 year old daughter be allowed to attend a raw food class I offer. The girl was SO interested in all thing holistic and very mature, well behaved.  Of course she was welcome. While other children are playing video games or wrestling in the dirt - this young lady is already on her journey to being a new citizen in a better world, a more conscious world.

The workshop would benefit anyone, actually - including medical professionals.  One student, an anesthesiologist at a major university medical center - explained that he has a very critical role during surgical procedures and wanted to ensure that his entire being was present at the highest level of attention and calming influence - for the patience. He realized that his specific job has NO room for errors and he very much cared about fulfilling the role correctly.


Workshops & Retreats

Workshops are two days, usually Sat & Sun - 10 to 4

Weekend retreats begin Fri evening, include 9-9 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.

Pricing includes discounts for family groups. 

Children aged 7 and above, one or both parents. 

Family Energy Healing

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