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Reikigong Intro


PRACTITIONERS THRIVE - A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY  WHY NOT YOU?   Healing the world, one person at a time.

Imagine how much harmony and well being we could create in our communities – if stress, pain, anxiety and blockages were prevented or removed AS they occur!

  • Raise your Chi level 
  • Increase strength, vitality, clarity
  • Retard aging
  • Help you to prevent & reverse disease
Learn life-giving, life changing Medical QiGong AND receive Reiki I, II, III attunements for healing of self and others.


Prevent Serious Disease

Using these powerful, non invasive techniques on a regular basis - small imbalances and blockages are prevented from becoming serious and life threatening.

Having a healer in every family - makes perfect sense. People tend to delay or avoid making medical appointments due to time and money it takes. But with a healing remedy close by - the ailment fades away.

We CAN Do It!

This is just one of the many healing modalities.

Organic food, mind body spirit balance . . it all works together.

Come on, people we CAN take back our power as a healthy and empowered humanity! 

Become An Energy Healer

A unique blend of Reiki and QiGong

(Reikigong is a trademarked name created by JoyRae Freeman)

Heal Our World  One Healer At A Time

This could be the best gift you ever give yourself,

your loved ones and the community!


The mainstream medical industry, pharmaceutical corporations and other 'western' medical practices have let us down, betrayed our trust. While costs are outrageous, most of these treatments and remedies have proven to be destructive, dangerous and ineffective. We can change the well-being of our entire society by becoming whole individually - and independent of the fraudulent system. Our future liberty and our children's future depends on it.

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